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Animal Man

Buddy Baker ( Animal Man) was suffering from the brutal murder of his family. He took his vengeance on those responsible, but still felt empty. After receiving vague hints about the nature of reality and its creators, Buddy hears a voice telling him that it's time for one final adventure. After a seemingly never-ending journey through Limbo, he enters a drab and mundane world. Following some unknown script he approaches a domicile. A man greets him at the door and introduces himself as Grant. He asks Buddy to come in.

Grant Morrison is Buddy's writer; the man who wrote the murder of his family. Buddy suddenly becomes violently angry. He grabs Morrison and throws him through a window; killing him. Buddy is confused by his actions, until Morrison appears behind him and tells Buddy that he made him do it to prove his point. He shows Buddy some Animal Man comics and reveals that Buddy still isn't in the real world, just an approximation of it. While Morrison can enter the fictional world, a character can never enter reality.

Buddy asks Morrison why he killed his family. Morrison cavalierly replies that he felt the story needed drama and it's easy to get a cheap thrill by killing characters. Buddy feels that's unfair, but Morrison tells him that his cat died recently and THAT was unfair but he had NOBODY to complain to.

He takes Buddy out for a walk by a river, where Morrison explains that he comes to when he runs out of ideas. He tells Buddy that he had planned out their meeting for several years, but now that it finally happened, there just isn't enough space. Buddy questions whether or not he's a real person. Morrison tells the hero that he's more real than he is. After all, he'll still be young when Morrison is old and dead.

When Buddy remarks on how dull and gray the world looks, Morrison creates some superheroes bursting out of the river... and then promptly kills them. He tells Buddy that he did it to make the story more interesting to draw, and goes on to tell Buddy that this will be his final issue; soon he'll have a new writer. Buddy asks for his family back somehow; to make it all a dream or something. Morrison scoffs, and deciding that the story has had too much talking, he creates some villains for Buddy to fight.

While Buddy is busy battling the Shark and the Slaughterhouse, Morrison addresses his audience directly. He thanks his co-creators, his editor and some of the book's regular letter-writers. He also encourages the reader to join PETA.

Looking back, Morrison notices that Buddy is laying in a pool of his own blood. He orders Buddy to get up; it's only a comic. Buddy jumps up and screams that it's NOT "only a comic", it's HIS LIFE. Buddy sits down and rests his hands on knees. Morrison begins talking about his beloved cat, Jarmara, again. How even though he was anguished by her dying, a part of him knew he could use it in the book. He questions why all the pain and sorrow in the comic book world is entertainment in the real world. Perhaps, Morrison suggests, writers could try being kind. He sadly remarks that he's out of time, and he still never got to say anything important. He looks over at Buddy, tells him to go home and to forget that they ever met.

Buddy wakes up on his couch to hear the doorbell buzzing. He answers it, and finds his wife and kids at the door; she had forgot her keys. Buddy smiles, and tears of joy run down his face (though he's not sure why).

After he finishes writing that scene, Morrison goes out for another walk by the river. He tells us about how he used to signal his imaginary friend Foxy with a flashlight, and how Foxy would always signal back. Morrison stops, and shines his light into the hills. There is no response. With a final good-bye, Morrison shuffles home. After he leaves, we see a light signaling in the distance.

Suicide Squad

Grant Morrison (as "The Writer") also appeared in an issue of Suicide Squad written by John Ostrander. He was recruited by Amanda Waller for a mission involving Black Adam. The Writer reveals to his teammates that since he introduced himself into a comic, other writers can now control his fate. Unfortunately for the Writer, he suffered from a fatal case of writer's block and was killed by a werewolf.

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