The Worthy!!!!!!!!!!!

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I just started reading some of the Fear Itself comics and i must say i actually like it. Im sitting down wondering how in the hell this is going to end, Thor "Put down" Angrir/Thing in "issue 5" and  blasted Nul/Hulk across the planet. I would assume thats how he ended up in Dracula's territory and if so thats just a testament to Hulks power, he just finished from tangling with one A class opponent and is going to tangle with another one, just what i would expect with a Thor'd up Hulk . 
If i had to choose the worthy though this would be my personal preference: 
Thats my personal variation, who would you guys choose as your Worthy?

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Here's my choices:

1. Colossus,
2. Silver Surfer (fakes the influence),
3. Psylocke,
4. X-23,
5. Beast,
6. Aunt May.

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Captain America 
Iron Man 
Scarlet Witch 
Red She Hulk
Phoenix (resurrected and angry!)
Isn't there 7 worthy?  Anyways, all big gun good guys!

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Now to pick DC Characters for Hammer worthiness: Doomsday, Deathstroke, Clayface, Lobo, Parasite & Zoom.

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