Concept of the Hammers.

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Okay, so far, I only comprehend that the Hammers represent certain Asgardian Gods, perhaps dead or just very unpopular. Does anyone know the powers each Hammer possesses and grants its wielder?

#2 Posted by Outside_85 (11086 posts) - - Show Bio

Think its more an extension of the Mjolnir-copies that Loki once made, just these seem more powerful and handed out to people who were already very powerful.

#3 Posted by KainScion (2969 posts) - - Show Bio

i think the hammers potentate the traits of the wielder that induce the most fear in people. like titania for example breaker of men, she can and most certainly does. plus they make them really powerful.

#4 Posted by Sir_Deadpool (461 posts) - - Show Bio

@Outside_85: just agree with you. thats what i thought before

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