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In the Alley to Between a portal lies that connects to Betwixt and Between. This was used by Sora, Donald,Goofy, and Mickey to get to the World That Never Was.

It was inbetween Transportation that Sora was left alone in the midst of a ton of Heartless, and Axel came to his aid. It was also here that Axel met his end, and gave Sora a powerful fire based keyblade. Sora fought through many enemies here, and even met his lost friend Riku , who had given into darkness once again. He had taken the form of Xehanort, who had pretended to be Ansem in Sora's first journey. Sora found the real Ansem here, and he assisted them, in his form as DiZ. After using a machine that only Ansem knew about, and even still only knew very little, he sacraficed his life to turn Riku back to his original form.

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