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  1. Cover by John Byrne and Dick Giordano.
  2. "A Reporter's Story" written by John Byrne, penciled by Win Mortimer, inked by Frank McLaughlin and Dick Giordano, colored by Tom Ziuko and lettered by Todd Klein.

Two of the most influential men in Superman's life...two men on the opposite ends of the scale of morality...two men who share a terrible secret just as they share their lives in the World of Metropolis. The first of these men is Perry White, hard-hitting editor of The Daily Planet, whose connection to the city his newspaper serves is as deep as his heart. The other is Lex Luthor, whose twisted genius and power have brought him to the pinnacle of power over Metropolis. Each has a dream for the city, one to see it grow into a safe and thriving place for its citizens, the other to hold it in his ruthless grasp. Discover what secret Perry White and Lex Luthor share...a secret that affects every man, woman and child who inhabit The World of Metropolis. Written by John Byrne, with art by Winslow Mortimer, Dick Giordano and Frank McLaughlin, The World of Metropolis will show you the way around one of the most fascinating cities in the world...and into the souls of two of its most intriguing citizens.

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