amber's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz #3 review

Still loving this series

Even though Dorothy and the Lion are driven into uncontrollable slumber by the field of poppies, readers will not find any part of issue #3 snooze-inducing. This issue shows the friends facing uncertain doom over and over again keeping interest of readers of all ages.

By this point it should become evident that the characteristics the individuals believe they are lacking are actually part of them already; but that isn't something they'll notice for a while and so they continue onward to see the powerful Oz so that they may be granted their wishes. So if this is a series you are sharing with a young reader you'll have plenty of opportunity to highlight some valuable lessons. The Lion shows how important it is to protect those you love; the Woodsman proves that he is always resourceful by gathering wood to build a raft; the Scarecrow is selfless when he tells his friends to continue without him so that they may reach safe shores; Dorothy continues to illustrate her loyalty and friendship by not losing hope and using her brains to bargain with a heron to save the Scarecrow; and there are the little mice who don't let their stature keep them from achieving great feats of strength.

One point of caution for the younger readers comes at the moment when the friends are crossing the field of poppies. A wildcat is seen chasing the Queen of Mice and the Tins Woodsman comes to her rescue by slaughtering the cat. The imagery is not as gruesome as what's probably going to go through your mind but there is a panel showing the cat's hind end and the onomatopoeia "THUK."


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