SHAZAM! Is coming back...

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Alright so i`m posting the same message on the Marvel Family forum.   I find DC doesn`t use the Marvel Family enough. They should use them a lot more!! 
 ¸I found some info in this...   
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The Marvel Family characters are returning to the spotlight in January's Shazam #1, and writer Eric Wallace is hoping this one-shot can attract new fans to the characters that have been beloved for so many years.

Featuring art by Cliff Richards, the issue will tie into a series of stories Wallace is doing over the next few months to advance the Marvel Family "as grounded characters in the modern DCU."

Captain Marvel is a character who was among the first superheroes in comics, but the Marvel Family of characters has experienced a lot of changes recently. In the last five years, the mantle of Captain Marvel has been passed down, and several of the Marvel Family characters have been pretty absent from the DCU, as they've either turned to evil, become powerless, been turned to stone, or been killed.

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