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The secret spell to controlling the universe is contained in this anthology! Also included are nine new supernatural tales by a coven of the best writers and artists VERTIGO could cram into 70 pages. Practice witchcraft with VERTIGO and destroy all men!

Story Titles

  • Daniel (Beach)
  • Birdie (Beukes/Human)
  • Mars to Stay (Lewis/Chiang)
  • This Witch's Work (Mok/Carroll)
  • Legs (DeConnick/Doyle)
  • Fellow Travelers (Sturges/McManus)
  • Little Witch (Kot/Jeske)
  • The Dead Boy Detectives in "Run Rugged" - Part Three: Gone to the Dogs (Litt/Buckingham/Santos)
  • Rise (Huehner/Lotay)

Note: The Dead Boy Detectives in Run Ragged is a story in three parts. The two previous parts, "Part One: The Isle of Dogs" and "Part Two: Let Slip the Dogs", were released in the anthologies Ghosts #1 (October 2012) and Time Warp #1 (March 2013) respectively. In December 2013, Vertigo then launched a new ongoing title, The Dead Boy Detectives.

The Dead Boy Detectives created by Neil Gaiman.

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