aztek_the_lost's The Witching #2 - Earth Oddity review

A Little More About Elsa

A very nice continuation of the series, nice development on Elsa's character though I was disappointed that Kara and Sook have remained quite obscure for the time being. Another thing though that I find interesting and likable about this series is that it is filled with flashbacks, a continuous flashback, explaining Elsa's past and origins, the thing that makes me most curious is that her father was young more than 50 years before her time and she only appears to be 16...I'm sure this was explained but I obviously missed it.

I'll start with Kara...okay, she's a sexy low-level musician, has a magic-loving mother, a rockstar boyfriend and a disbelief in magic...yep, that's about all I know so far, and I've had to pick it up in little bits here and there, reading between the lines and stuff. I really want to know more about her character but with these past two issues I've been getting nothing extremely interesting, this time she just got a dream about a dental museum of horrors, pretty lame at first until her mother explains its mystical meaning, that some event has occured elsewhere that will greatly impact her life...which means she'll hopefully get a lot more action soon.

As for Sook, haha, this issue was just hilarious in showing her, the boyfriend she got in a car accident last issue is now in the hospital in a wheelchair and she comes to visit, saying she will help make him happy. She than gets down her knees with her head between her legs and haha, everyone's reactions are hilarious, because in truth all she was doing was getting down to pray so that he would heal. Yeah, that was awesome, but personally I've yet to be very intrigued by Sook, in time that will hopefully change.

Now, before I get to Elsa, seeing as she was the focus of the issue, let me expand upon that flashback, it talks of the creation of Elsa, by expanding upon her father, Henry and the deeds of his past. It appears he was a magician of sorts, and he persuaded the rich that through his magicks he would help them, so they all attended his mystical ceremony only to have him standing before them naked and masturbating, haha! He explained it all to them, but of course, like me, they didn't really care for the explanation and just thought him a crackpot, makes me wonder how he eventually succeeds.

As for Elsa, well we learned a lot, and she seems really cool, oh and she's bisexual and apparently sex is the key to all her's going to


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