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Diabolically divine pop-god Lucifer is in trouble. She offers superfan Laura an unprecedented deal if she helps. It’s a bargain. A Faustian bargain, and they always turn out so well. Who knows who Laura will turn to fulfill it? We do. Clearly. It’s our comic. You can know too if you buy this fine pictorial narrative with your human money coins.

List of covers and their creators:

CoverName/DescriptionCreator(s)Sidebar Location
RegRegular Cover (Amaterasu)Jamie McKelvie (a) & Matthew Wilson (c)1
VarVariant CoverChip Zdarsky5
Var"David Bowie Homage" Variant Cover (Luci)Jamie McKelvie2
Var"World Tour" SDCC Variant Cover (Amaterasu)Jamie McKelvie (a) & Matthew Wilson (c)4
2ndSecond Printing Cover (Amaterasu)Jamie McKelvie (a) & Matthew Wilson (c)3

Note: The characters portrayed on the front cover are in parentheses.

The "David Bowie Homage" variant cover shows a mugshot of Luci/Lucifer that looks alike the mugshot taken of David Bowie when he was arrested for drug possession after a concert during his US tour in 1976.

Quote on back cover:

  • "You spend all your life wishing you were special. And then you find out you are." - Amaterasu

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