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The Comicvine article says it can manipulate the age of whatever is in its shadow does the Wheel also allow the user to manipulate time in general?

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Wheel of Shadows has no feats yet, however the info page that is in Artifacts issue 9 states "mastery over time itself, time speeds or slows at her whim" it also states that she can't go back to before she received the Wheel of Shadows, suggest that she can't travel through time. Another info page from Artifacts issue 3 states she has the ability to accelerate the natural ageing process. As I said she has no feats, so we will see in forthcoming issues of Artifacts (at least I hope! I like Sabine).

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Thank you for replying to this and for helping answer my question.

I asked the question because I’m interested in the comics, but do not own any of them yet.

I entered both contests Comicvine had for the comics, and quite a few user entries for the recent Artifacts contest mentioned the Wheel granting time travel including a winning entry. My impression based on the information on its item page, the name of the item itself, and what you’ve said seem to imply that that its main ability is time manipulation over what is in the shadow and very little to no actual time travel for the user.

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