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Not happy about the new Angelus - Danielle Baptiste; Sabine sent some of the Angelus Warriors to Hell to retrieve the Wheel of Shadows, to become it's wielder. But once the Warriors arrived and located the Wheel they meet Tom Judge, bearer of The Rapture, who warns them about taking it as carrying one of the 13 Artifacts is dangerous and wishes them luck trying to get out of Hell. They do not heed his warning and once they take it Cerberus and several demons show up and they engage them in a fierce battle. Only one Angelus Warrior survives the encounter by accidentally becoming the new wielder of the Wheel of Shadows, killing Cerberus, leaving only his skeleton behind.

This was however a very short run. After returning to Sabine and delivering her the Wheel of Shadows, Sabine senses she bonded with the Wheel and therefore kills her using the Wheel, leaving only the skeleton of the Angelus Warrior. Sabine then goes after Danielle Baptiste in order to become the Angelus. She kisses Finch starting an accelerated aging process in order to blackmail Dani into surrendering the Angelus Force which she refuses. They start fighting afterwards.

Apparently, the Wheel of Shadows gives it's wielder the power to control the time of things and people through the use of being enshrouded in their shadows, causing the person/thing to become younger or older.

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