Question about the Watchers of Marvel.

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Is their a group of watchers in each universe or is their only one group of watchers that observe all universes?

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I would assume there is one Watcher assigned per universe in the Marvel Multi-verse, but they are one group. Some universes, like 616 & Ultimate, you know, the ones were everything happens, might have more than one, usually during a summer cross-over event, or another might fill in when the primary watcher is unable to for a reason or another.

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@COBRAMORPH: Thanks for your answer, I had forgotten I started this topic :P

It just threw me off because upon reading the latest Space Punisher #2 which is obviously a completely different universe there is a group of 6 watchers who refer to themselves as the "Six fingered hand". They appeared to have knowledge of multiple different realities because in what appears to be the room in which they monitor everything they have tabs on everything from Space Punisher, to Punisher Max, to even Punisher Noir. Which are all different Realities/Universes.

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