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When Odin decides to hold the Tournament of Titans, it requires mighty warriors to participate in the event. A team of brothers, the Warriors of the Thousand Galaxies join the tournament to test themselves. Consisting of the strong and large Brok the Crusher, the small but powerful Drom the Spirit Weaver, the swordsman Tyr of the Blinding Blade, and the mace fighter Galp of the Steel Arm. The brothers start a brawl in an Asgardian tavern and proceed to mock the Asgardians, however they would find themselves face to face with the Warriors Three and Thor after that incident, their official opponents at the Tournament of the Titans. After a small scuffle they decide to wait until the tournament to settle things, however on the day of the Tournament the devastating Destroyer armor attacks all the combatants, the two teams of warriors joining forces with Odin to bring the living armor down. During the tournament, Brok challenged Thor as he was the strongest, Tyr dueled with Fandral, as both were sword masters. Galp challenged Hogun, as both bore lethal mace clubs. Which left Drom and Volstagg to do battle.    


The Warriors of the Thousand Galaxies are a Marvel comic book team created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Vince Colletta. The team first appear in Thor Annual #2 released in 1966. The team possess parallel similarities with the Warriors Three, naturally given they were essentially created to act as a foe for each character, specifically Galp for Hogun, Tyr for Fandral and Drom for Volstagg. It should be noted that the Tyr here is not in anyway associated with the Asgardian war god Tyr.

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