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End of Vitoria

As a young girl living in a rural village in Brazil. eight year old Vitoria grew up an abused child. Whenever the men in the village were drunk, they would use her as sport. Despite her mothers warnings one day she fled from the village and the men to seek refuge in the jungle. She fell into a pit of poisonous spiders called "the wanderer". She was bitten Three Hundred and nineteen times. It didn't kill her however, instead she was changed on a molecular level. She could now kill with a mere touch. She killed those who had terrified and abused her all her young life. Over the years she trained herself in the martial arts and became very adept. Her skill combined with her death touch made her virtually unbeatable. She soon took the name of the spider that had changed her life forever, she became the wanderer.

Becoming the wanderer

Killing a league member with a kiss

After wandering all around the world in search of worthy opponents she stumbled across the league of assassins and the reclusive Ra's al Ghul . Realizing that there existed no better prey than them, she set out to gather a band of like-minded souls to aid her in killing the League Of Assassins and Ra's.

She eventually does locate and kill a few members and comes across Tim drake now red robin. she and her team storm the league headquarters and kill every member they could find, including a clone of Ra's. She fights Red Robin to a standstill before they part.

She is left alive with a new prey on her radar.... Red Robin.

Skills and abilities

Wanderer and Tim square off

A very capable martial artist and gymnast able to spar with Tim Drake . She is an expert tracker able to stalk her prey and zone in on them from across the world.

In addition she is fluent in speaking both English and Portuguese.


Her touch is deadly. Any part of her exposed skin has the ability to kill an opponent on contact. After being bitten by the wandering spider of the Amazon her skin now has the property to produce the toxin/venom of the creature. Her "death touch" is simply her delivering a large dose of the spiders venom upon contact.

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