Yays and Nays for THE WALKING DEAD Pilot

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Like  an undead corpse risen from the grave, Frank Darabont’s script for the AMC WALKING DEAD pilot is out there and shuffling through the night.

 Coming to a TV set near you?

Reviews have started popping up for the script adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s smash hit Image series.   One, by Patrick Sauriol of Coming Attractions, is in the positive, while another, by Latino Review’s anonymous informant Pinche Taco, is quite harshly in the negative.   So it appears your mileage will vary when and if this show makes it to your screen.   

Check out the two reviews, which are both in-depth, and you’ll get an unusual point-and-counterpoint on the script.   I think these two would make an interesting duo to replace Ebert & Roeper on AT THE MOVIES (or whomever they actually have hosting the show, now. I haven’t been keeping up on my Sunday morning syndication).

 You know what they want.

From the sounds of both reviews, the script’s pretty faithful to the first couple issues of the comic, which isn’t too surprising to me.   When the AMC pilot was announced a while back, I figured it was a good fit.   WALKING DEAD’s got a slow-burn pace and a heavy emphasis on character interactions that both work well for a serialized program on the tube.   Both reviews bring up the last question - - and it’s a sanguine one   - - regarding how will AMC handle the requisite zombie gore on an ad-supported show?

So it’s CIVIL WAR all over again, Comic Vine community. Whose side are you on? Which reviewer do you want to trust more?

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Don't like zombies, don't like gore. Kirkman is great in his less-gory projects, but I'll be passing on this hypothetical show.

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Bring on the gore! but not just for the sake of gore, but because it's required when dealing with zombies.

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I really hope this happens....The Walking Dead is my favorite book and I think AMC will be a good place for the show
@Jediknightjace:  the book isn't really about zombies and gore....sure they're there but the book focuses more on the survivors and how they're dealing with a world over run with zombies...it's an amazing book and I recommend that you and everyone else who hasn't checked the book out to give it a try

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I say "Yay". I love Frank Darabont ever since I saw "The Shawshank Redemption" & I have never been disappointed in his work, so kudos. I can't wait to see how he brings this to life =).

#5 Posted by MemnochZERO (147 posts) - - Show Bio

Of the two reviews, I'd take the first one, which sounds like it was written by someone with a functioning brain over the poorly researched and difficult to read one. 
Anyway, The Walking Dead is currently my favorite comic being published and I really think Frank Darabont is the man for the job. Obviously there will have to be changes made to the content of the comic (f-bombs galore!) given it's AMC and not HBO or Showtime but they do have a thing for ballsy unconventional programs such as Mad Men and the far superior (IMO) Breaking Bad, but in the right hands with the right casting, I think The Walking Dead could be huge. Darabont in particular really sounds like he knows what he's doing with it, after all his films handle people in crisis and intense character study very well and that's what Kirkman's The Walking Dead is all about. And anyone that's read the book knows it's us, humans who are the real monsters in the story, not the zombies, they just exist to show us our true colours.  

As for casting Rick Grimes I only have three suggestions: 
Peter Krause 
Garret Dillahunt 
Josh Holloway
#6 Posted by Sparda (15795 posts) - - Show Bio

The negative review is just about one of the worst reviews I've ever read in my life. Sweet Jesus, "rip-off" this and "rip-off" that, blah blah blah, hey guys let's try and be funny for the sake LAWSUIT JOKE LAWSUIT JOKE. I'm going to reserve my judgment until I see it but I remain optimistic, since a TV show faithful to Walking Dead would be really hard to screw up.

#7 Posted by Xion (249 posts) - - Show Bio

i rather jsut wait to see it the pilot then ill make my opinion

#8 Posted by squiresmadnessmachine (318 posts) - - Show Bio

love kirkman love this book and i can wait to see it on tv
#9 Posted by NightFang (10863 posts) - - Show Bio

Can't wait to see it!

#10 Posted by danhimself (21291 posts) - - Show Bio

i just read the Latino Review's review and the guy is a douche...he even admits in the article that he's never read the book...how can you review a movie, television show, or even in this case just the script without having done any research on it all

#11 Posted by Graphicly (52 posts) - - Show Bio

I think reviewing scripts isn't the same thing as reviewing the actual pilot.  You don't get to see how the actors are playing off each other and their responses.  That being said, the second guy admits not reading the book, so I didn't pay it much attention.

#12 Posted by danhimself (21291 posts) - - Show Bio

he also comes off as racist several times

#13 Posted by Jediknightjace (46 posts) - - Show Bio
@danhimself: Yeah, ok, I'll give it a try. Like I said, I like Kirkman, and I can try just not looking closely at the gory bits.
#14 Posted by bingbangboom (782 posts) - - Show Bio

The Latino Review... review is getting ripped apart in it's own comment thread. It is just a bad review and more like a rant. Honestly, I would just wait for the first issue because if you want to know what it is going to be like, there is a comic with visuals. Hopefully they nail it because I have always thought it would make a great TV series.

#15 Posted by Red L.A.M.P. (2782 posts) - - Show Bio

I just read the first trade for Walking Dead and loved it.  How did I not read this before?  So I'm gonna grab the rest of the trades and catch up on it. 
I love ZOMBIE flicks, so I say yes to this TV Show!

#16 Posted by Grim (2185 posts) - - Show Bio
@Red L.A.M.P.: yeah, i just bought and read trade 11 today. Then i made the hard decision to NOT transfer over to the single issues. I did that with Invincible, and it was a serious pain in the butt. 
 I am majorly hyped for a tv show. it would probably be a HBO or Showtime show, so i wouldnt be able to watch it legally (ill be getting my cable in another year or so. save save save!), but id still like something like that to exist.
#17 Posted by danhimself (21291 posts) - - Show Bio

man it would be really really hard for me to wait for the trades...I don't think I could do it...I get more excited about reading this book each month then any other book on my list

#18 Posted by Druid (112 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd rather have a well done Walking Dead with less gore (due to the vehicle of Ad-Supported Television) than no Walking Dead at all. While the storyline of every zombie movie I've seen pales in comparison, let's face it, The Walking Dead would have to be compressed down far too much to do it justice on the big screen. A television series would work best I think.

#19 Posted by Illyana Rasputin (2924 posts) - - Show Bio

if they put Michonne in it, I have no choice to watch. I have been reading since the beginning. 

She is such an AWESOME character.
#20 Posted by Chane (557 posts) - - Show Bio

I think I'll have to wait to see it before I form an opinion. Hopefully it'll be good and do the series justice. 
I really should get around to buying the 5th HC that just came out.

#21 Posted by OhTru (1603 posts) - - Show Bio

wow they made this a tv show?  Of course there will be some lame plot with some gunslinger and his kids, there will be lots of blood, gore and a lot of stuff borrrowed from old 1970s 1980s movies. That's what all Zombies are about

I was surprised by this comic. I think its one of the better comics coming from Image but I'm not sure if it translates onto the screen
 I'll have to wait until I see more before I post my real opinion

#22 Posted by bingbangboom (782 posts) - - Show Bio
@Red L.A.M.P.: Get the hardcovers, they look beautiful. I already have a bunch of the trades but want the hardcovers because they look so great!
#23 Posted by walkingdeadfan (4 posts) - - Show Bio

Check out this fan film!!! 

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