'The Walking Dead' Board Game

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Everyone loves The Walking Dead these days. The series on AMC was well received and we're all stuck waiting until October when the second season begins.

We still have our monthly doses of Robert Kirkman's series to keep us entertained but what about those looking for more?

It's already been announced that Telltale Games will be putting out an episodic adventure game slated for Q4 of this year. What if we can't wait until later this year for more Walking Dead fun?

Last week it was announced that Skybound and Z-Man Games are teaming up launch a 'The Walking Dead' board game. It's set to arrive in late summer 2011 and will give players the chance to play as Rick, Shane, Andrea and other members of 'Team Grimes' as they deal with zombies, collect supplies and pick up the pieces of their lives.

Game designer Keith Tralins said the following:

I've always loved board games, but never knew they could be this cool! We've done test plays of The board game at the office, and the game play scenarios ring true to what Rick and the other survivors face in the comic book. I couldn't be more impressed with Z-Man Games.

No other information has been released besides being designed and developed by MegaGigaOmniCorp, Inc. and To Be Continued, LLC; set for 1-6 players aged 13+ and have a retail price of $39.99. Z-Man Games has also put out games like Agricola and Pandemic so that might give you an idea on how the gameplay might be.

What are your thoughts on a 'The Walking Dead' board game? How do you think the gameplay should be designed. I think we're going to have to look into picking this game up when it's released and play it in the office...to let you guys know how it is, of course.

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Never played the other games you mentioned but I think I just found the thing to spice up game night when my bro comes over. As odd as it sounds the wife and sis-in-law are tired of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Monopoly, and Warhammer 40K.

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A board game base of a zombie comic book?

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Will this be a board game on PC/PS3/Xbox or an actual board game?

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@Kaitlin7x: Yes, an actual board game.

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This is awesome, the Walking Dead is creating all sorts of new opportunities for zombie fans!

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There is already a board game based on the old cheesy 60s and 70s zombie movies called "ZOMBIES!!!" that is actually pretty fun and I can see this working as well with the same game mechanics. We'll see.

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I can dig it.

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This sounds fun :P

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Hmmm I can't find a clip for how I express my feelings at this...but one episode of Family Guy had Stewie reacting to a commercial about some kids toy and having his arms flailing about to and fro wildly while saying "I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!" That pretty much sums up me here!

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I love board games... despite not having a consistent party to play them with.

This sounds like a hoot.
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Sweet! I want it.

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i would rather play the board game than watch the show !!!!

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So what, this is like reverse Clue? That could actually be kind of fun. Trying to figure out who in your group of survivors is infected rather than figure out who the killer is.

Board games, as we know them, are kind of passed. More so since video games are much more accessible to a wider audience than they used to be. It's not as if you could play a zombie board game with your little kids? It would be weird that you'd produce a board game for a young audience who shouldn't be watching the series due to the graphic nature and mature themes.
In this age, how many adults play board games together?

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Ha! XD
Marketing :P

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" In this age, how many adults play board games together?"
In this age, how many adults buy comics books? Probably enough to justify a website's existence about them...
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The same could be said about comic books by someone who hasn't read a comic since they were in elementary school.  Board games have evolved just like comics.  We're arguably in a type of "golden age" of boardgames right now. Video game designers tend to have board game parties all the time. Not all board games are for kids. Not because of adult themes (though some DO have them) but because of complexity.

When you wrote:
" Board games, as we know them, are kind of passed."

Perhaps you should have written:
"Board games as I know them..."

The board games I'm familiar with, are pretty awesome. Their time has just begun.

If the only board games you're familiar with are from Hasbro, Parker Brothers or Mattel, and then you say board games are for kids, that's like only being familiar with DC or Marvel and saying ALL comics are superhero comics and they're all for kids.

But you don't have to take MY word for it. Look for yourself:
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Z-Man makes some of the best board games, this one should be pretty cool but Im interested to see what this one has to offer/differs from Last Night on Earth or Zombies.
Pandemic and Tales of Arabian Nights FTW

Everything you say here is true, love that website

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Yeah, lol, I can't help but see across the board how Videogames are slowly tanking in quality, when Tabletops keep rising. Check out the huge success that is HeroClix for instance. Bring on the comic themed board games!

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I got this game for my B-day and the first nite we couldnt put it away. We played seven hours straight! I'm a big fan of Walking dead though...cant wait for season 2!
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:O I just found out this existed, did anybody get it? Is it any good?


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