Telltale Unveils Their Walking Dead Story Trailer

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If you can't get enough of The Walking Dead television series inspired by Kirkman's graphic novel, then you might want to consider checking out The Walking Dead video game by Telltale. The game, which is appropriately rate M for "blood, gore, intense violence and strong language" has a recently released new story trailer to give gamers a peek at what they can expect in a Walking Dead video game.

The game takes elements from Kirkman's story and creates a new one using similar elements. The premise is the same, but the story, central character and backstory of these characters will be different. The trailer below opens with a handcuffed man in the back of a police car, until the cop hits a zombie attempting to cross the street. This is just the beginning. What makes this game interesting is the fact that it takes a lot of the ideas we've seen in the graphic novel and the television show, but it introduces new characters. It gives you a clue into what the reaction of these characters were be. Would these different characters make the same decisions made by the characters we saw in the graphic novels?

If you're a fan of The Walking Dead, do you think this is an interesting story? Do you like what you've seen in the latest story trailer? Are you looking forward to playing the game from Telltale?

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Spooky and fun!! Will they have it in XBox 360?

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Want. So much.

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Looks pretty interesting, arts not bad but they could have done a little more to make it like the comic so its more identifiable. Hope they release some gameplay footage soon :)

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Looks good.

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Already have this pre-ordered.


If you go to the Telltale site, there is a bit of actual game play already up. It's shown in the Kirkman interview.

Skip to about 11:30

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Buying my season pass for PSN!!

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Is this a full game?

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@BatClaw89 said:



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I actually became bored with THE WALKING DEAD TV series. I'm just not attached to any of the characters anymore.

I will probably never play this since I don't really download full games to my PS3, and I bought the DLC pass for UNCHARTED 3 already. If they were to put this on disc. DAMN, I would want this. It looks incredible. It looks to really have a lot of interesting character drama. Makes me curious what game play is like.

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Looks ok. I'll give the demo a try at least.

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on my list of things to do

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@revbucky said:

Spooky and fun!! Will they have it in XBox 360?

April 27.

I really enjoyed the game but it's definitely not 8.5 or 9/10 material. Gameplay was quite boring but story wise was interesting. It was relatively short too but at least there's 4 more episodes to look forward to. It was also cool seeing a character that was shown in the comic only as a zombie.

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I will buy it, and hope that it doesn't suck.

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Oh my Lord...Thank GOD there is going to be a Microsoft Windows version of this game! I'm so getting it! Graphics are neat and it looks quite playable!

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Don't really want to play as a black man but whatever...
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@fivestarga: Can I say wtf NOT?

If you even bothered to look into this post & follow the WALKING DEAD

- then you would have known its Story Driven - & -

Obviously this Character has a rich background & a story worth following!

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@BatClaw89: Then do better BatBrain! or stop posting uninformed and unintelligent drivel - If you want to actually play and give an informed personal review or comment that would not only benefit those of us that have not had a chance to play it - that would be nice.

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I played the first episode and it was enjoyable. It seem that there are going to be a plethora of different chooses yuo can make that will change the way the story shapes. I am already going back to play through the first episode and picking different options to see the outcome.

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