Squeeeee!!! A TV series based on "The Walking Dead"?!

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OMG!  This was announced last month?  Where the hell was I?  I hope it happens.  They say AMC is looking to do it and it would be 110% faithful.  (Why not 115%? you ever wonder why everyone always says 110%?) Anyway, I hope it becomes a reality.  I frakkin' love 'The Walking Dead'! 
AMC and Frank Darabont team up to bring 'The Walking Dead' to TV  
Robert Kirkman on 'The Walking Dead' coming to TV 
There's also an annotated Google Map giving the locations of everything that happens from issue 1-64.  I can tell you if you try to search for it on the web the links just take you to a blank map over Coffeyville, KS I believe.  So, if you're interested, go to Google Maps, place your screen in an area from Kentrucky and Tennessee to Georgia, search for Walking Dead, and it'll pull up the annotated listings.  I downloaded it to Google Earth and it's friggin' sweet! 
(a fun little aside -- The one thing that gets me about "The Walking Dead" --- There was a snowstorm...in the Atlanta area...a snowstorm...like a blizzard?...in Atlanta....I live in Atlanta...snowstorms don't happen...at least often...now, if it were a bit north of Atlanta, I could understand...but a snowstorm...in Atlanta...**scratches head**...
Official Site of The Walking Dead 

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lol well someones excited.
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Well, yeah!  It's The Walking Dead!  It's the only comic where the dead really stay dead and no one (and I do mean no one) is safe.  They killed off the main characters wife and baby daughter for cryin' out loud.  There's been times I thought Rick would be killed off and someone else would be the main character.  This is a serious comic.   'Course, the cast would be as ever-changing as "LOST", though, but hey...that's the price you pay for living in a zombie apocalypse. hehe

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any word on the cast?

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Not yet, but Robert Kirkman and Frank Darabont are currently 'drawing up' the pilot.  If AMC decides to take it further than the pilot, then Darabont will go through the series' storylines and characters and see which would translate best for television.

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drawing up? is this going to be live action or animation?

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no, no...hehe.  They're just working out the pilot right now.  Nothing specific has been given on the cast but Kirkman has stated he is excited about the casting, so it sounds like they may have people in line already.

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oh okay...
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I wonder who's going to be cast?  I am excited with Frank Darabont being on board.  'The Mist' was awesome and 'The Blob' remake was pretty good for the late '80s.   
Finally, the Zombie Apocalypse told on the small screen.  I dig the fact that Kirkman decided against doing a big screen adapation, going with his original tagline that "The Walking Dead" is a zombie movie that never ends. 
I'm looking forward to AMC doing the series justice. 

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