How Gross Does It Get?

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Read the first 6 issues and really enjoyed them, so I'm thinking of picking up the compendium but I heard about some stuff with spoons that happens later on and it's a little offputting. How gross does it get? Hopefully not any worse than that.

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I don't think it's that bad, it gets a bit gory here and there, but you should expect that in a zombie book. There's also some semi brutal human vs. human killing and a few short torture scenes. All in all, I don't think it gets too bad, I've seen worse in comics. I think so far, the nastiest it's gotten is the Fear the Hunters arc and whenever the Governor is around.

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Well, it is somewhat gross, but nothing to bad.

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@Jonny_Anonymous said:

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It gets worse.

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The Governor bits are pretty horrendous, not that you graphically see whats happening but whats implied is hideous but it all comes good in the end. Stick with TWD 'cause quite frankly, it's epic.

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Issue 100...''very''

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Oh it gets "put the book down" gross/sad at times.

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