Does Robert Kirkman care about the t.v show more than the comic

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Robert Kirkman is so rich from the t.v show.Why does even even bother with the comic.Doing comics are just a hobby to him now.If he had to pick between the t.v show or the comic, which do you think he would pick?

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In the letters column of the comic called "Letter Hacks" and in the magazine he is frequently asked this question and his responses lead me to believe that the comic is his priority. He probably realizes that the show may only last for 5 or 6 seasons once the buzz wears off but the comic is his bread and butter.

With all the merch coming out it does seem like a bit of a sell out IMO. But the fact that he hasn't let the comic go color with soooo many requests is telling.....

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I would had thought we get more oversized issues because the comics is more popular then ever.This sells as much as the X-Men which is an amazing feat for an indie book.

The comics haven't changed much despite Robert Kirkman getting rich off the console games,facebook apps,t.v show,board games,toys,and don't even get me started on the Walking Dead amusement ride.The comics have stayed the same much. No color,no oversized issues or extra features.

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