Becoming a zombie after death

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In reference to tonights episode of Walking Dead, since when do you become a zombie just from being killed? I thought you had to be infected by a zombie?

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in the book they discovered that everyone has the virus already all you need is to die to come back...doesn't matter how

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This is probably what the guy at the CDC told Rick
Rick knows....
a couple of episodes ago I remember them examining a body and the cadaver just had a scratch and still became a zombie, though they never spoke of it again

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@danhimself: I thought the virus is why zombies don't attack each other, but if everyone is a carrier of the virus then why do they attack?

#5 Posted by danhimself (21249 posts) - - Show Bio

@cracker_jack: the current theory is that zombies don't attack each other because of the smell

#6 Posted by cracker_jack (227 posts) - - Show Bio

@danhimself: That's understandable. I don't eat meat that smells rotten neither.

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@cracker_jack: yeah I suppose so...with everyone having the virus already it also explains how the world went to crap so quickly

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I have another 90 mins to see the episode...but to date from what I saw in the last show, ti seems that only dying causes zombification, not the bite. Biting makes it seem too Resident Evilish or something else. No, Kirkman's and Romero's original interpretations are the best for what causes the zombie making process.

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I am no expert on the zombie matter all all but in regards to The Walking Dead, I thinks someone needs to hold up the zombie virus to a little scientific experimentation or at least morbid curiosity. I get that this is fiction but nothing can exist eternally. these zombies don't eat out of a survival necessity. They are merely deceased organic vehicles that were once inhabited by souls. the reanimation is just of the brain stem- just pure, base id. Michonne's jawless, armless captives prove that they don't need to eat at all. Here are my questions: How long can a zombie confined to a cell in solitary confinement "live" if it is unwatered and unfed? Years?...Months?... Can they be drowned? If frozen, do they keep on ticking once thawed? Can they be poisoned? how long does the caged, decapitated head of a zombie last? Can our survivors figure out a way to wait out this virus?

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