AMC's The Walking Dead Blu-ray & DVD Details

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The Walking Dead on AMC was a success. Those that have been reading The Walking Dead comic and many that haven't loved the show. Pretty much the only complaint was the first season only had six episodes. We have to wait until October for Season 2. 
If you've been waiting for The Walking Dead to be released on Blu-ray or DVD, you won't have to wait as long. Anchor Bay has announced that the complete first season will be available on March 8, 2011. It will have a suggested retail price of $49.99 for the Blu-ray and $39.98 for DVD (of course you can pre-order it online for 37% cheaper).  
The price might be a little high but keep in mind how good it was. Another thing to consider is because it was on AMC, the network most likely doesn't bring in as much as a major network. You could think of the purchase as a way to support the show and AMC. I'm thankful it was a hit and we're getting a second season. 
What about special features? 
 == TEASER == 
According to the press release, the Blu-ray contains the following: 
  • The Making of THE WALKING DEAD
  • Inside THE WALKING DEAD: Episode 1-6
  • A Sneak Peek with Robert Kirkman
  • Behind The Scenes Zombie Make-Up Tips
  • Convention Panel With Producers

  Extra Footage:
  • Zombie School
  • Bicycle Girl
  • On Set With Robert Kirkman
  • Hanging With Steven Yeun
  • Inside Dale’s RV
  • On Set With Andrew Lincoln
There wasn't any mention of special features for the DVD so I would assume they were the same.
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:D So excited already! 

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I have not seen the show but I heard good things. So, I am going to have to buy this DVD. 

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Sweet. Will be buying this day one hopefully.

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Definitely getting it on blu!! I remember reading that Darabont  was to include a black and white version of the show ala "The Mist" DVD. Is this not the case anymore? Would have loved to see Walking Dead in glorious BnW!!!

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I may get this if it comes through my girlfriend's store. Already watched all the episodes, some multiple times.
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I'm getting it.
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I enjoyed the series while it was on. It was fun to take part in the series as a community. I wouldn't really want this series on Blu-ray. Due to the digital transfer my local cable company was doing. I missed two of the episodes. It wasn't cleared up until the last episode in my area. Now, what I am looking forward to on Blu-ray is Summer Wars and Evangelion 2.0.
Who knows, you might get an advanced copy of the Blu-ray as you do with some other movies. I do enjoy writing reviews over on Anime Vice. I certainly envy your position of how you often get advanced copies of DVD or comics to review.

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definitely getting this....but I'm kind of upset that they're not including the motion comic that AMC did on their website

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$50 dollars for the blu ray version?  Questionable especially with only 6 episodes.  I thought the series was ok.  Will need to see how season 2 and 3 turns out.  Still, having nightmares over Heroes after the great first season.  As for single season shows, none of them compare to Firefly or Babylon 5 Crusade.  So, I will wait and see.

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it will be mine!

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@vicsrealms: $31 on amazon.
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Though, I gotta say...
Great series - weak season finale :/

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Can't wait
#15 Posted by TheClap (2 posts) - - Show Bio

Day one

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@lazystudent said:
" it will be mine! "
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I have to say the book was way better than the TV series

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@G-Man: Hollywood has been purposely ruining DVD sales so that people buy Blu-Ray. If this is anything like Kick-Ass, Ironman, or every other cool video to come out since September, the DVD copy will have (at best) half the features of the Blu-Ray copy.

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