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The Walking Dead is an on-going story about a group of people trying to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Plot Summary

The Walking Dead centers around Rick Grimes, a former police officer who was shot in the line of duty and wakes up from a coma after the world has succumbed to the zombie plague. Dazed from months in the hospital, and confused as to why he can't find anyone alive, he makes his way home only to find his wife and son missing. The only survivors are Morgan and Duane who adopted Rick's neighbors house as their new home since the area appeared less infected. After Morgan tells Rick the cities would be safe, Rick packs up supplies from his police station and travels to Atlanta in search of his family.

Arriving in the city on horseback, Rick is overcome by a horde of zombies and narrowly escapes death with the aid of another survivor named Glenn, who has been scavenging the city for supplies. Glenn takes Rick back to a camp just outside of town where Rick's wife Lori and son Carl happen to be living with a small group of survivors, all alive and well. His partner and best friend Shane had taken Lori and Carl to the outskirts of Atlanta where they wait for rescue by the US Government.

Collected Editions

The Walking Dead TPB

Collecting 6 issues per volume.

  • Volume 1: Days Gone Bye (#1-6)
  • Volume 2: Miles Behind Us (#7-12)
  • Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars (#13-18)
  • Volume 4: The Heart's Desire (#19-24)
  • Volume 5: The Best Defense (#25-30)
  • Volume 6: This Sorrowful Life (#31-36)
  • Volume 7: The Calm Before (#37-42)
  • Volume 8: Made to Suffer (#43-48)
  • Volume 9: Here We Remain (#49-54)
  • Volume 10: What We Become (#55-60)
  • Volume 11: Fear the Hunters (#61-66)
  • Volume 12: Life Among Them (#67-72)
  • Volume 13: Too Far Gone (#73-78)
  • Volume 14: No Way Out (#79-84)
  • Volume 15: We Find Ourselves (#85-90)
  • Volume 16: A Larger World (#91-96)
  • Volume 17: Something to Fear (#97-102)
  • Volume 18: What Comes After (#103-108)
  • Volume 19: March To War (#109-114)
  • Volume 20: All Out War Part One (#115-120)
  • Volume 21: All Out War Part Two (#121-126)

The Walking Dead HC

Collecting 12 issues per volume.

  • Volume 1 (#1-12)
  • Volume 2 (#13-24)
  • Volume 3 (#25-36)
  • Volume 4 (#37-48)
  • Volume 5 (#49-60)
  • Volume 6 (#61-72)
  • Volume 7 (#73-84)
  • Volume 8 (#85-96)
  • Volume 9 (#97-108)
  • Volume 10 (#109-120)

The Walking Dead Omnibus Deluxe HC

Collecting 24 issues per volume.

  • Volume 1 (#1-24)
  • Volume 2 (#25-48)
  • Volume 3 (#49-72)
  • Volume 4 (#73-96)

The Walking Dead Compendium

Collecting 48 issues per volume.

  • Volume 1 (#1-48)
  • Volume 2 (#50-96)

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