The Walking Dead #98

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The Good

Man oh man. I've loved THE WALKING DEAD ever since I started catching up on the series. Robert Kirkman has never really let us down. With the new development of other survivors in the bigger world, we've been in suspense each month wondering what bad event would occur next. The last couple issues have been compelling but there's been a feeling that Kirkman has been holding back for the 100th issue.

It turns out, that's not quite the case.

It's always difficult to talk about WALKING DEAD comics since many readers are not caught up. But if you're reading this and are way behind, I'm not sure what you're thinking. I won't go into specific spoilers but we do see the death of a major character. The community that Rick has been part of for a while now is on the verge of facing a war with other survivors. When they were confronted last issue, Rick took the actions you would expect and let them know where he stood on the matter. Now we're seeing the repercussions of that. This adds to the 'anything goes' atmosphere that is constantly hanging over the title.

There is action. There is death. There is suspense compounded the feeling of hopelessness and you have to wonder if the survivors will ever find a peaceful existence. But all this is what keeps us reading the series month after month.

The Bad

When a certain character meets his/her demise, I was a little confused with the way the scene played out. The character was having a conversation and you see what will result in death but the character kept talking. I couldn't quite follow how the two pages went together.

The Verdict

While I have been immensely enjoying the series, I've been a little let down lately over the lack of anything really major happening. We get the feeling that something big is going to go down, especially with the shadowed figures on the cover and the approach of issue #100. Kirkman cranks things up here. There is a death and it isn't expected, in typical Kirkman fashion. A lot does happen here. We get to see plenty of action and you have to wonder how things will (most likely) get worse next issue. This issue elevated my excitement for the series once again and I can't wait to see how this all plays out.

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