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Too Good to Trade Wait

 For some of the issues up until the new story of "No Way Out," The Walking Dead had gotten a little talky.  Now, I have absolutely no problem with this because I enjoy a lot of talking in my comics.  I like a nice balance between action and talking with a little more on the talking side because I love character development.  Sure, you can have people go kick ass but do you ever really know them?

Robert Kirkman actually makes you feel like you know the characters in the comic.  Some of their personalities just grow on you which is pretty hard to do in an ensemble book.  Sure, there are sometimes so many characters that I forget who some of them are (especially if they haven't appeared in 5 issues or so), but I feel like a lot of this would be solved if I trade waited.  Except I can't do that.  I need my monthly dose of zombies, and I enjoy the letters column.

Here's the story thus far: Our main group finds a mega-fenced off community, people bond, people fight, and then a gun fight draws a shitload of zombies outside the gates of the community.  Now, those zombies are pushing so hard on the fence that it's starting to come down.  Some of our characters make a desperate run at alleviating the situation with mixed results.  Oh, and some of the living inhabitants are being plucked out of the game one zombie bite at a time.

Adlard's artwork brings it home again with a mastery use of shadow.  This is enhanced by Cliff Rathburn's gray tones that really add that extra pop to the images.  The team also makes some pretty terrifying zombies.

Overall, this comic still brings it home.  I am more than willing to continue picking it up monthly, but I still recommend for people getting into the series to pick it up in trades.


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