g_man's The Walking Dead #81 - No Way Out, Pt. 2 review

Things Aren't Getting Better for the Survivors...

No Way Out continues. Think things will get are going to get better for the survivors? Think again. 

The Good 

When Rick and his gang found their new sanctuary, it looked like they were finally going to get a safe place to rest. Now that their new community is surrounded by more zombies than they've ever seen, this could be the end for many.  
While we  have the edge-of-your-seat suspense over who will survive and who will get chomped, we also see some continued character development. Despite the series going beyond 80 issues now, the idea never gets old. You can't help but be glued to the reading. Fact is, people die in this series.   

The Bad 

There really isn't anything to complain about. The only minor problem I had was when there were hordes of zombies and some of their detail tended to mesh together. I don't envy Charlie Adlard for having to draw every single one.

The Verdict 

I know everyone goes on and on about how good this series is. That's because it is that good. It's a book about people surviving a zombie infestation that has been going on for over 80 issues, but it never gets old. Kirkman packs each issue with suspense and you never know what characters will survive and who will perish. This issue practically explodes with the suspense and it's going to feel like  a long wait until the next issue.
Posted by Silver Zeal

D Black dude is gonna kick d bucket...

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