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Rick and Andrea discuss the stand-off they fought off the day before and how Andrea was able to save Rick when Aaron is arriving on a horse, bringing along Eric who has been stabbed. They bring him to Doctor Cloyd who just was getting intimate with Heath. Aaron and Eric had been talking to a woman they thought of inviting into the community but one night she betrayed them, stole a horse and stabbed Eric. After the doctor's treatment, Eric is fine. Andrea goes back to the watchtower.

Morgan hooks up with Michonne again, telling her that he misses his wife but that wants to try something new with her. She lets him in.

Rick talks to Carl about the attack. He thinks it was a good thing because it makes everyone else realize they aren't safe.

Tobin comes back from a mission, followed a lot of zombies. Maggie and Aaron talk about the stolen horse. Rick is looking after Jessie after Pete's death.

While a group led by Abraham goes outside to fight of the herd that has arrived at the gates, Aaron and Douglas are talking about Rick becoming the new leader of the community. Douglas is unhappy with himself as a leader and with the way he treated his late wife. Aaron tells him that everything is fine and that he doesn't want to go outside to get more people because they don't need more.

After the group thinks they have killed enough roamers to get back inside, Andrea fires a warning shot. When they try to run back inside the community, they realize that the herd is much bigger than they thought, cutting off their way back in.

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