mechanisticmoth's The Walking Dead #72 - Life Among Them, Pt. 6 review


God, does Kirkman know how to nail that final page for every issue.  I mean, it also works really fluidly during the trades, too.  Still, I just love it.

This issue focuses pretty heavy on the adjustment process with emphasis on Michonne, Andrea, and Glenn.  Um, yeah… mostly my favorite characters.  It’s nice to not see any zombies for a bit; although, I’m sure that will change next issue.  This is just such a consistently great comic.


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    When I got back into comics, the reason was Walking Dead. No other series commands my attention as much as this one. I used to travel the not-inconsiderable distance from my small town to the nearest comic shop in order to purchase each issue, never regretting it for an instant. I guess the reason I'm saying all this is because you may find a slight bias in this review. I'll try to stay neutral as well as I can.  The survivors of Walking Dead have had quite a journey. Although this series is kno...

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