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The camp buries Amy, all of them say their good byes. Jim's bite is getting worse and he asks to be left by the city so when he turns he can be with his dead family. Rick, his son Carl and Shane go hunting and Shane goes on the defensive about them keeping the camp right outside the city and if it was the cause of Jim's bite and Amy's death. Rick blames Shane for the deaths because he won't agree to move away from the city.

The next day Shane and Rick get info a fight about moving the camp and Lori stands up for Rick, Shane hurt because of this heads off into the woods as Rick follows him. Shane ends up threating Rick with his gun and saying everything was okay before he came back. Shane is about to kill Rick when Carl shoots Shane killing him. Carl tells his dad it is not the same as killing the dead ones and Rick tells his son it never should be.

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The Walking Dead Issue #6 Review 0

This issue was just going to happen eventually. It was just amazing! Rick and Shane go head to head in this issue. Carl is starting to be a sort of leader in this issue by doing something in this issue that will come to a shock to Rick and possibly himself.Issue #7 will be good, I can just tell. I wonder if the other members of the group will know what happened to Shane or will Rick and Carl make up a story? Great suspense....

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Koz's Comic Flashback: The issue I knew it was going to be big!! 0

This is Review #6 out of 77 as I am continuing to review every issue of the Walking Dead as my tribute to such a great book and to hopefully to get new readers to the series. Also to get everyone hyped for the new show on AMC.     PLOT: The camp just got over there first major encounter with the zombies and they won the battle but not without a price. They have lost Amy and Jim just got bitten. After sometime when Jim notices that he is not going to make it he asks the group to leave him so he c...

8 out of 9 found this review helpful.
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