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The survivors in the penitentiary continue to try to find balance in a world full of zombies.


Dale expresses his concerns to Rick about his girlfriend, Andrea. He feels that Andrea is losing interest in him and is more interested in the much younger Tyreese. Rick tells Dale that he must be mistaken. Meanwhile, Lori and Carol have become closer friends again. While in discussion, Carol asks Lori if she would take care of her daughter if anything were to happen to her. Shocked, Lori said yes, but not to think like that. Glenn and his wife, Maggie, discuss having children, which Glenn is not in favor of. Maggie thinks differently, and they wonder what they should do. Meanwhile, Alice the nurse tells Andrea, who is going with a group of other survivors for target practice against the zombies, to bring a zombie back into the penitentiary so she could study it. When Rick catches wind of this information, he grabs a gun and tries to kill the zombie, but Alice stops him, trying to convince him that studying the zombie is very important. Rick unwillingly concedes. Tyreese and Andrea play a basketball game outside when Carol suddenly walks towards the captured zombie and expresses to the zombie that it's the only thing that seems to care about her. Carol comes close to the zombie for a hug and the zombie bites hard against her chest.

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