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Koz's Comic Flashback: The Family together again!!

This is Review #3 out of 77 as I am continuing to review every issue of the Walking Dead as my tribute to such a great book and to hopefully to get new readers to the series.  
In this issue Rick is reunited with his wife and son Lori and Carl. Another thing that Rick finds out is, that his partner Shane has been taking care of his family and the rest of the camp. The whole camp consists of 11 characters and they are right oustside of the city of Atlanta living in a RV. After spending the night for the first time with his family in over a month Rick explains to his wife Lori that
Nice Job Dale
he has not had a chanse to be scared. Once Rick wakes up, he has a disscusion with Dale who is a older gentlemen, Dale explains to Rick that Shane can not be trusted. Later Rick and Shane go hunting and while hunting they hear screams from the camp.  As soon as they arrive they find out that Dale took care of the danger just in time. In the end someone does not seem to happy about the whole thing.    
This issue introduces you to all the characters in the story which seems overwhelming at first but trust me you will get to know them all, as this is the beginning of the real story that is about to begin. Not much action in this issue but again it is all about getting to know all the new faces in the book. At this point with all the new faces I had a feeling that this was going to be a super character driven book. Again art was fantastic and the story keeps me wanting more. I give this issue a 4.5 out of 5. Read it!! 
Thanks for Reading:)                                                                                       Happy collecting everyone!! 

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