nickstrong's The Walking Dead #121 - All Out War Chapter 7 of 12 review

1st "The Walking Dead" arc... All Out War 7/12

It cant all be non-stop action and chapter 7 makes that apparent as we have another set up issue. Both sides are in a bad way. Negan takes captives as well as one of Rick and company's greatest advantages. Negan again reminds us why we keep coming back, whether it's because we want to see him fall or just what he is going to do next. There are a couple subtle and not so subtle points that Adlard does a good job blending in to the story. While I'm still trying to decipher some meaning when it comes to a thing Rick feels he should leave behind or the motivation behind a certain character's tear, there are many more pressing things set up in the plot that push the story along at a great pace making up for the lack of action.


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