theacidskull's The Walking Dead #111 - March To War, Pt. 3 review

Governor Who?

The Walking dead has been one of the most consistent series ever, seriously, i don't usually get upset with the series, it's honestly really good.( if a character wasn't named Jesus i'd be great though)

The story flows well, there are many things that take place, i'd say the comic itself is divided into four parts, and it's not easy focusing on specific characters , but kirkman manages to pull it off well. As the Rick and his fellow men plot against nagen, it's still nice to see them interact and gradually plan, considering what they've gone through. It was especially nice to see carl acting like a kid again, for some time now we've been having the feeling that carl has lost a big part of his humanity and seeing him being more childish by sneaking out to per say check out the the cool tiger is neat. Michonne seems to struggle with the dangers of relaxation in a zombie apocalypse, but she has learned on her mistakes that she should never again calm down or drop her guard, and thats well expressed here.

But the most important treat here is, of course the villain, Negan. Let me get one thing straight, Negan is hard to figure out, sure he's crazy, i mean really crazy, but certain things about his behavior are very interesting. The Governor was easy to figure out, he was just a perverted psycho, while with Nagan, i'm not sure. He seems to shift from one Phase to another. At one time he acted like he was carls long time friend and actually made the whole setting and situation more conformable for him, then he goes crazy and kills someone. But the greatest thing about him is that even though he knows rick hates him, he still respect rick, because he has guts, and he isn't a coward, if The Governor had been viciously attacked by rick, he would have killed him on the spot, or torture him, but Negan sees respect in that a man would fight back even though he isn't the holding the upper hand. which is why Negan is awesome.

Recommendation: yeah, duh.

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