theacidskull's The Walking Dead #110 - March To War, Pt. 2 review

Lets Start all Over....

The Walking Dead has become one of my favorite series outside of Marvel, Honestly, Kirkman Has been doing quite well .

the Art has been very consistent , in fact, i can't imagine anyone else doing the walking dead, the gritty empty style really suits The title perfectly, but the only problem i have is the faces, at times it feels ...err...the same? as if you replace the hair and head shape the face would be exactly the same, and i'm talking about the creepy smile most of the characters show.

The Story is very interesting , it unfolds slowly you'd think that the biggest problem would be caused by Zombies, but it's even more interesting that the biggest threat is still a simple human being with power. Ezekiel is an interesting character as well, of course i was a little skeptical since the whole KING act seemed silly, though the explanation was pretty interesting a really good, i'm trying to say that it made sense, to it worked out well. People like to follow a leader , they feel safe, and while this can lead to hell if the ruler is terrible, but it can also lead to good things if the leader is a nice guy.

This was yet again another solid issue, the characters are fun, the story is good, and the villains are interesting and dangerous.

Recommendation: Yes

Posted by Cyclops4President

good review

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