theacidskull's The Walking Dead #107 - Abandon All Hope, Pt. 5 review

Aren't We F*cking Friends?

Just a short review from yours truly. The walking dead is one of my favorite series so i decided to give my opinion.

The Plot Thickens even more, rick faces off against negan. While carl was busy taking matters into his own hands, rick had his own Sh*t to deal with, and when Negan mentions his son, he goes insane, again. THIS is what i like about the series, rick knows the stakes, he knows what will happened if Negan is to be crossed, but he still attacks him. This shows how unstable he is, and how close he is to breaking, but yet again he stays from as a rock, ricks sanity lives with his son, if he does, rick will no doubt Delve into madness.

Now as for Negan, god dammit, i don't know what to think of this guy, but i know this, he is AMAZING! one of the most prominent things about him the fact the he likes the power games, he likes cornering people, when they can't fight back, and he tough he had rick in a cage, guess he was wrong. However, in the end, i was really surprised when i saw his reaction to what rick had done. seriously, i expected to explode, but he was pretty ....err...understanding? yeah, he was understanding about it.

In fact, i don't know what to think of Negan, he is a tyrant, but how far does that go? as long as you cooperate, he seems cool. This is exactly what a unique villain, or antagonist should be like, i can firmly say that we have never seen anything like Negan before !

Other than that the issue was as good as always, the character interactions were great, and we are left with a very interesting cliffhanger.

as for the art, it isn't my favorite, but it's perfect for the walking dead, it's gritty, dark and gory, which should be awesome for a series called the walking dead.

Recommendation: just look at the score DAMMIT!

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