The Walking Dead #106

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The Good

I've said it before and I'll say it again. With each new issue, I'm blown away at how much I love a comic dealing with people trying to survive zombies and the fact that it's been over one hundred issues. Month after month Robert Kirkman crams in character drama and suspense into each issue. You'll find yourself cringing as you turn each page out of fear what might happen to the characters.

We continue to get new development for them as well. With Paul Monroe, aka Jesus, I'm finding myself liking him more and more. Carl has placed himself in a dangerous situation and if he can make it out in one piece, he's definitely going to be a changed person. And even though we all have come to know and expect Rick to be the biggest hardass in comics, the determination and attitude he carries upon himself will make you admire him more and more.

Last issue was a superb issue but it lacked the zombie action. This issue makes up for it big time. Charlie Adlard delivers some truly epic zombie fighting scenes that will make you stop to take it all in.

Somehow Kirkman continues to build everything up each issue and leave us hanging for our lives in suspense for the next issue. We all expect the big cliffhangers by now but that still doesn't keep us from getting caught off guard.

The Bad

Nothing bad. One of my favorite comics to read each month.

The Verdict

Life in the Walking Dead universe seems like it will never get better. Robert Kirkman continues to tell his compelling story and never ceases to catch us off guard, even when we keep expecting things to go from bad to worse. As if Rick didn't have it bad enough trying to survive the zombies, he now has to figure out if he can find and save Carl, deal with the threat of the vile Negan and possibly another set of problems that appears to be developing. Charlie Adlard never ceases to amaze either. Whether it's scenes of brutal zombie fights or suspenseful scenes between the characters, each page keeps you glued. We're constantly seeing big downer moments at the end of each issue. We should be used to them but they continue to kick us in the gut. And to make it worse, the image for the next issue looks pretty ominous as well. I just don't understand how some people just aren't reading this series.


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