The Walking Dead #105

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The Good

This is the type of comic book intensity we've grown to love and except in THE WALKING DEAD. With the survivors seemingly at the mercy of Negan and his community, only a select few are aware of Rick's bigger plan. Unfortunately last issue Carl decided to try to take matters into his own hands and managed to infiltrate Negan's place. His lack of an actual plan now has him coming face to face with Negan, a man that could possibly give the Governor a run for his money in terms of wickedness in this world.

As we slowly read through the issue, savoring each page, we get to see what Negan's world is like. We know he has amassed a large following and has a deep level of respect among his people. Carl's decision to try to seek vengeance from the events in issue #100 has allowed us to get a glimpse into the inner workings of his community. Along the way, we find out a little more about Negan as well as those around him.

The biggest and most disturbing moment involves something with Carl. We've seen worse in this series. I won't hint any further but it's not something I was ready to see, even if it was something that had to happen eventually.

With that, Charlie Adlard kicks ass as usual. This is actually an issue that doesn't feature any zombies. Adlard creates a new set of scenery as we get a little tour of Negan's world. It's a treat to get to see another part of the Walking Dead world.

It might be just me but the cover gives me a Batman: Death of the Family vibe. We've been seeing those covers with a Bat-Family member under the Joker's face. I like this cover way better.

The Bad

Carl's scene was disturbing for certain reasons but this was a superb issue.

The Verdict

I was a little unsure last issue over Carl's actions in trying to invade Negan's community but the sheer amount of suspense this adds to the story is a welcome treat. We don't want to see more bad things happen but that's just what this world is about. The great thing about this series is having no idea what's going to happen, who will or won't survive and all the twists and turns Kirkman throws at us. Month after month THE WALKING DEAD is a fun ride but every now and then we get issues that truly stand above the rest. You think you've seen the best/worst Kirkman can throw at the characters but he always manages to come up with something else to knock us off our feet.

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