She Get's No Respect...

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Such an unique (and mega sexy) Villain who's literally never been explained in detail.

Top it off with the fact artists don't bother with her and it's a crying shame. :( I mean... there was a Woman-of-Marvel card series released not too long ago... and there are cards/images of freaking Aunt May and NOT Ecstasy?

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I agree, Ms. Ecstasy is severely underutilized. She can be just as ruthless and maniacal with her powers and can hold her own against Cloak. She could be Marvel's biggest super villain next to Doom instead of doing random one shot appearances.

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What I really liked about her were the little hints of her history that were sprinkled in her first few appearances wayyyyy back in the Doctor Strange books. When Cloak first confronted her he for some reason immediately thought of her as a kind of foil for Dagger, suggesting to me that Deladier was also a runaway like Tandy was... only instead of going down the "hero" path she instead turned to crime.

I've also always been so dang curious what made her soooooooo Anti-man; in her appearances in the Cloak and Dagger books she repeatedly would state she feared no man, sort of even implying she had a kind of dominatrix-type opinion that men were "lesser" then her in some fundamental way.

With her vast financial resources, very tough to counter powers and tons of room for characterization... she really deserves more. :(

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I agree, she's awesome and should be used more. Didn't she steal her powers from Cloak?


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