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The Urn of Pandora was acquired by Adolf Hitler during the first World War.  It was allegedly opened prior to Hitler's rise to power in Germany.  Along with the evils escaped the light of hope, which was believed by some to have taken the form of costumed heroes.  The U.S. Government assigned the Fighting Yank to retrieve the Urn.  In an effort to contain the evils of the world, he was told the hope would also have to be put back in the Urn.  The first to be trapped was the Flame, who's power was needed to keep the others alive.  Yank then embarked on an O.S.S. sanctioned mission to contain all the costumed heroes he possibly could.

Later, an elderly Fighting Yank is shown the error of his ways and is convinced he must break the Urn and free his former allies.  He finds the Urn in the possession of an old friend, Dynamic Man, who attempts to stop him.  Yank is successful, however, and the heroes are returned to the world.

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