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New Age of Heroes

After his recent run in with the cabal Tom begins using his father's journals to discover more about the nature of his powers and searches for clues to his mysterious past. What answers will Tom find as he delves into the birth of a new literary medium? 
The Good  
This cover is absolutely amazing. Just look at it, it speaks volumes for itself.  

I'm not sure If I've ever mentioned this before but one of my favorite things about this comic is the way it allows us peeks into the world of The Unwritten via web pages and televised news stories. The Tommyology and forum page excerpts from the beginning of this issue were among my favorites to have graced the series. Carey nails exactly how fan boys interact with one another and perfectly captures the feel of a forum thread. 
Tom's new powers allows him glimpses into his father's past via his journals creating an opportunity for Carey to write both the past and present. Vince Locke splits art duties with Peter Gross this issue and does a smash up job on the 30's sequences.  
This issue had nice little Easter eggs like the excerpt of the Tijuana bible.  
Tom and Lizzy are one of my favorite couples in comics and I love the way they interact and play off of one another. I love Savoy and he's on the short list of vampiric characters in a post Twilight world whom I truly enjoy. He's charmingly polemical in a way that only the English can pull off.  
Early in this story I found myself more drawn to the concept of this story than its characters. As I've watched Tom deal with his existential dilemma I've come to find myself very invested in these characters and their emotional states resonating with me. What Rausch revealed to Tom last issue is really weighing heavily on his mind and Gross does a great job of reflecting that subtly.  
The conversation between Pullman and Wilson in the 30's raises some interesting questions and I enjoyed seeing a (mysteriously) younger Wilson. Throughout the series Wilson's been a mysterious specter who's presence though unseen permeated and guided the series. I'm glad that during this issue we finally get to know a little more about Wilson. Seeing him as a loyal soldier of the cabal was really interesting. I very much look forward to seeing how he goes form die hard believer to the determined rebel willing to sacrifice all to destroy them.  
I really enjoyed "The Tinker" comic scripts and can't wait to read more of them. Ever since I read Watchmen I've been a fan of comics within comics and this one does a great job of reflecting the feel and tone of the classic pulp/proto superhero comics of the 30's.  
Ever since his conversation with Rausch a few issues ago I've had the feeling that Pullman more than just the cabal's muscle. This issue he confirms my suspicions about his place in the hierarchy as he sets a few things straight for Mr. Firth. Pullman's not a man you want to cross and now he's decided that it's time for more...aggressive actions to be taken. Heaven help whoever's landed on his list.    
The Bad 
Waiting for the next issue!!!  
The Verdict 
Month in and month out Mike Carey and Peter Gross have turned out one of the most creative, dense, and intriguing comics on the market. After the superb finish of the last arc they keep the momentum rolling headlong into the start of the latest. The Unwritten is one of those great comics that somehow keeps on getting better and better as time passes on. Every time I read an issue of The Unwritten I'm reminded of the potential of the medium and exactly why I feel in love with it in the first place. The original spirit of the Vertigo imprint is alive and well thanks to titles like this. 


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