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Taylor Does B&E

Tom Taylor has just escaped the jaws of The Leviathan, a creature made of the literary subconcious of the world, when his pals Hexam and Richie locate precious journals that belonged to his father, Wislon Taylor. These journals, which are up for auction in New York City, could hold more information about the dark and magical forces that are trying to destroy Tom Taylor and mold the world for evil purposes. With Tom's past catching up with him and a new webpage to try and gain more power through the people who loved his father and the Tommy Taylor books, his only hope is to break in and steal the journals before they go on auction and are put into dangerous hands.

Written by Mike Carey and drawn by Peter Gross, this issue of The Unwritten is a great addition to the ongoing story. The pacing is fluid, the artwork is bright, vivid, and striking, and the characters really come through in their actions and voices. The thought of making literature the prime plot instigator in an ongoing comic book title sounds cheesy, but this series is proof that it can be used to craft an incredible epic that can combine any work of fiction throughout history.

Whenever I recommend comic book titles that stray away from the superhero genre, The Unwrittenis always one of the first titles that I suggest. It's a breath of fresh air in an over-saturated market, and every issue makes me want to rush out and get another one. Fans of fiction, fantasy, and comics can rejoice in the fact that VERTIGO has given them another ongoing title that pushes the boundaries of conventional comic book storytelling.    

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