jonesdeini's The Unwritten #25 - Citizen Taylor, Part One of Two review

And Then I Realized That I Didn't Really Want To Pull a B&E...

Tom returns from his time at sea with an understanding of "The Source" and how to wiled it to Battle The Unwritten. Now that Tommy better understands the source Savoy comes up with a plan to effectively use it against The Unwritten. And, oh yeah Savoy's a vampire!!!

The Good
Tommy's unexpected return in this issue was really amusing

Tom being able to more freely wield his powers really opens up things in the series and should ratchet up the action a bit. After being on the defensive for so long it's nice to see the good guys have a little more weight to throw around. 

Savoy's a vampire...this is somehow interesting and not annoying. 

Tom and Lizzie haven't seen one another in a while so yeah, they make up for lost time. I like how their relationship has developed and continues to do so. They're really nice to see together and with all the craziness that's gone on in their lives it's nice to see some stability and happiness for them.  

Tom and crew need to do a little after hours browsing to get their hands on some of Wilson's personal affects that may aid them in the battle against The Unwritten. I like the way Savoy plays point man I also like the way Savoy shows his diverse skill set in this issue by coming up with a plan to use what they know about the source as a weapon. 

As per usual there's plenty of humor throughout this issue, especially during the cloak and dagger bit towards the end. There's also some nice nods to the Mr. Bun character in this issue. 

The Bad
Lizzie and Tom's discussion about the nature of the source was redundant seeing as how we saw all this explained with minimal dialog two issue's ago. 

The Verdict 
Buy This Comic!!!
Far and away this has been one of my favorite monthly reads since a friend of mine suggested the first trade to me. It's a slow burner, but totally worth the patience to see some things falling into place. 
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