Uncanny X-men #526 Review

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 UNCANNY X-MEN #526 "The Five Lights" (Part 1 of 5) 7 out of 10
So I was really excited for this issue and then a little underwhelmed. Hope sets out to find her parents and summarily finds that they were regular humans who are dead. Very cut and dry, to the point I wonder if this is a red herring. In a small sub-plot, Emma has a dinner with Tony Stark. You don't see the dinner or any dinner conversation, only some sickeningly cheesy lines soap-opera stars would think twice about, (rather unnecessary). We also get some insight into Kitty's condition. Apparently, she has been in "phase" mode for so long that her muscles have forgotten how to "unphase" They also hint that there is a part of her somewhere else as was intangible for so long. But the focus of the story was of the new mutants, this one was in Vancouver and was about to jump off a building due to the confusion she was feeling and the pain it was putting her body through.

The interesting part is that the mutation is hitting later in life for the new mutants and that there are now apparent powers manifesting, that is until she made contact with Hope who jumped after her to save her from falling. Which makes me wonder, are these truly mutants of their own, or does Hope have to activate them by contact? Once she made contact the new mutant turned blue and could fly, it also appeared as if she had an exo-skeleton. She immediately was happy and no longer suicidal and was ready to join the X-Men. I though this was very knee-jerk and undeveloped of a response and served the plot and not the true emotion of the moment. As far as the art, I was also under-whelmed. With characters in the background it looked as if Portacio could care lass and just scribbled some non-descript faces. Hope's eye expression never changes from being happy, nervous, or hearing that her parents were dead. And this does not help the plot along at all.

The side-story "Rebuilding" was refreshingly good. Short, but to the point. It focused on the rebuilding of Utopia but only a backdrop for the dialogue between Cyclops and Mags which was great. he is questioning his relations to Speed and Mage of the New Avengers. They might be his grandchildren, magical offspring of Scarlet Witch. But Wolverine, also a member of the Avengers,  makes it quite clear that Magneto is to go nowhere near the New Avengers as he still does not trust him. As we close out, we see Magneto is most likely not going to heed Wolvie's warning and this leads into Avengers: Children's Crusade.   

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