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THE KINGS OF PAIN PART 3 X-Force and the New Warriors combine forces to investigate a strange energy surge on Muir Island. What is the connection to Moira MacTaggert’s son?

"Queen's of Sacrifice"

Part three of "The Kings of Pain," continued from the New Warriors Annual #1. X-Force and the New Mutants race to Muir Island, the location of the energy's locus, only to be greeted by an upset group of mutants led by Moira herself. That's not the only thing that's messed up: Harness is trying to resurrect Proteus and it will take all mutants together to try and stop this threat from becoming a reality. Story concludes in X-Factor Annual #6.

"The Razor's Edge"

Part two of "The Killing Stroke," continued from the New Mutants Annual #7. Desert Sword is tough but Freedom Force has their orders. Kurtzmann is not to be left in the Middle East and that may alter how Freedom Force continues the battle. Story concludes in X-Factor Annual #6.

"The Origin of the X-Men"

Mojo has commissioned this bit of entertainment: a quick look through the X-Men's history.

"The Enemy Within"

You don't need Freud to decipher Wolverine's dream. It's Man vs. Monster - nobody wins.

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This book could have been a mess. Could have. The creators here did a fantastic job pacing the story and its characters. We never get too long of a look at any one character and the teams split up so we don't have to wade through panels of myriad mutants. It's a veritable who's who, but we don't get overwhelmed. The art is also done well. The cover is pretty dang sweet but it did not get me looking forward to a whole story told with those odd proportions. No frets, the inside is "prettier," if I...

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