haydenclaireheroes's The Uncanny X-Men #544 - Uncanny review

The Final Issue of the Uncanny X-men

This is a review for Uncanny X-men issue 544. The story is about Scott getting closure and moving on to new things with his side of the X-men.


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    The Curtain Falls 0

    And there you have it, Uncanny X-men (Vol. 1) is officially history. Marvel has finally pulled the plug on its longest unbroken run. Yeah Avengers, Spider-man, and Fantastic Four have been around longer but they all at one time or another (if not several times) have been rebooted or renumbered since their inception, while Uncanny X-men has gone unscathed since the 60’s (except that one period where they were cancelled, but they came right back with the same numbering at issue #94). I have long g...

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    Uncanny X-Men #544 0

    SynopsisThe final issue ends here. The end of an era for our beloved X-Men heroes and a new beginning.The GoodWhat I love about the X-Men is that you have interesting mutant characters who are facing the reality of not being accepted by humanity. These heroes have gone through a lot. I mean a lot of trials and tribulations throughout their years and big events. This issue may not be the end of the Uncanny X-Men saga since there's going to be a new series starting with issue number 1. I liked the...

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