the_impersonator's The Uncanny X-Men #544 - Uncanny review

Uncanny X-Men #544


The final issue ends here. The end of an era for our beloved X-Men heroes and a new beginning.

The Good

What I love about the X-Men is that you have interesting mutant characters who are facing the reality of not being accepted by humanity. These heroes have gone through a lot. I mean a lot of trials and tribulations throughout their years and big events. This issue may not be the end of the Uncanny X-Men saga since there's going to be a new series starting with issue number 1. I liked the front cover that reflects back to the old days of the first five and the original X-Men. It shows how the X-Men really began to form as a team and how Xavier was able to recruit them so that his dream can become a reality. But even though that dream may never come true. The X-Men are always there to save humans who hated and fear them. There is also an old villain who comes back in this final issue. I don't think he's done with the X-Men yet.

The Bad

There's nothing bad about this issue. The only thing I want to ask why would Marvel end this issue with the number 544 and start a new Uncanny X-Men series with number 1? This wouldn't have been the last issue if the new Uncanny X-Men issue is numbered to 545. I guess it wouldn't matter anyways. As long you have the story that continues to the new Uncanny X-Men series.

The Verdict

I have to say after all the events and the recent Schism showdown, this series was the best that I have ever read. The X-Men's journey doesn't end here but marks a new beginning in their upcoming stories and saga. The final X-Men saga receives a 5 out of 5.

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