djotaku's The Uncanny X-Men #543 review

Colossus Smash!

Can a Juggernaut-powered Colossus beat Juggernaut?  That's what this issue's about.  Given how long this fight has taken, this story arc seems like it's putting the X-Men in a holding pattern until Schism is over.  And, of course, in order to not spoil the suprise in story arc, Colossus looks normal in Schism.  It's comics so I try not to think about it TOO much. 

Poor Kitty can't catch a break.  She finally becomes tangible again so she can touch Peter and now he's Juggernaut.  Wonder how long he'll stay this way.

Much like Doom in X-Men 18, my favorite scene involves Namor being Namor.  I just love these Marvel jerk-ass characters.

Overall, it's a better than the previous Fear Itself issues.  I just want these events to be over (I know, wishful thinking) so we can get these books back to being what they're best at - showing the interpersonal relationships between the members of the team in addition to fighting whoever the bad guy is.  That's what I liked so much about Morrison's run.  It wasn't so much that it was him writing, but more that they were focused on the goings on of the Mansion.  And even Whedon's run was mostly about the interpersonal dynamics.

Posted by ElCapitan

I would read a buddy comic with Doom and Namor bro-ing out all over the Marvel U.

Posted by djotaku
@el33tcapitan: marvel needs to get on that RIGHT AWAY!
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@djotaku: Proposed title: Imperious Rex and Viktor

Posted by Daycrawler

Imperious Doom!

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