jonesdeini's The Uncanny X-Men #543 review

Nooooo!!! But I'm the Juggernaut, biiiiiiiiiittttccc...!!!

Plan 13 succeeds as Colossusnaught faces off against Kuurth, Breaker of Stone!

The Good

Simple as it is, I really like this cover.

Loved Cyke's interaction with Juggy's herald in the beginning of the issue. And he has a perfect handle on Namor and Emma, Emma especially.

Gillen does a good job of describing the seductive power that comes with being Cyttorak's avatar via Pete's internal voice.

This issue is action packed and Land does a very good job of making this seem like a fight between two beings of incredibly destructive force.

I like that there's immediate fallout caused by Pete's actions in the crimson dimension. The confrontation with he and Cyclops was well handled, but the highlight was the interaction between he and Kitty.

Cyclops straightens some things out with Mayor Sadie about exactly how things are going to work for now on and I really liked this scene. While he has no intent to do any harm to the people of San Francisco he makes it abundantly clear who has the upper hand in the situation. I know many may not like his actions here, but I for one thought they were very necessary and within his character. And the image of he and Magneto leaving her office was excellently handled.

The Bad

Greg Land on know the deal.

The Fight with Juggernaut was way to fast, and honestly, didn't need to happen. We all knew the X-Men couldn't beat a worthy outside of Fear Itself, but the abrupt solution to the problem left me a bit cold.

While Gillen does a great job of having Pete describe what it's like to be the Juggernaut he does writer him a bit over the top for my taste. He goes "dark" way to easily for me in this issue. Someone as pure of heart and fundamentally good as Pete would put up more of a fight against Cyttorak's influence. I feel like lately, Gillen's plot and not his character has been determining his actions. I really hope the way he writes him improves and quickly because if this is how he plans to handle him come November I may not be around to read it...

Well hopefully this is the end of the Emma/Hope thing, becaue I'm way past tired of it. While he's at it please drop the Emma/Namor/Scott triangle. Can't Scott just have a woman to himself for once? Seriously, that horse's been ridden to death.

The Verdict

All things considered this is a solid issue, but overall I felt like this arc didn't need to happen. Gillen works with the editorial mandates he's given about as well as I've seen any X-Men writer though and does manage to craft a fairly enjoyable story that will have an impact on the main books status quo, so this stuff does "matter'. But if you're not already reading Uncanny I can't rule this a buy. Come November I feel like all you'll need to have read to follow Uncanny #1 is Gillen's Regenesis. So buy if you're a fan and have been enjoying the arc so far. Don't buy as a Fear Itself tie in.


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