jonesdeini's The Uncanny X-Men #540 review

Needs More Juggernaut, Less Magik

Juggernaut makes his way to San Francisco for some convoluted reasons that don't really make much sense... 

The Good 
I'm usually a fan of Land's covers, this one is a very nice take on Juggs. When Land's not drawing women he can be okay.  
Land draws a great looking Juggy, he's also more or less drawn the Default Cyclops of the oughts.  
The anti-mutant sentiment in San Francisco has some potential and could pay off if minded properly in future stories. There was some interesting dialog during Cyke's convo with Major Sadie.  
Gillen really get's how to write Namor, he tries to put the moves on Emma and when he's resisted he stoops as low as to throw Cyke under the bus. He's a prick in this issue, but it really fits him and isn't the least bit over the top.  
I liked how Emma dealt with Namor, I don't think people give her enough credit as a good woman for Cyke. I've liked their coupling much more than Cycke and Jean. I hope Gillen continues to give her moments like this and bring her out of the shadow of her man where she's sadly receded to in the past few years.  
The Bad 
 It's Greg Land people, you know the laundry list of art issues. He drew Namor in his speedo getup and Emma in her white panties outfit. I found both to be really weird considering neither has worn those suits for a while, especially Emma. And it was really jarring to see Namor outside of his present attire which was a vast improvement upon his classic look.   
Juggy's "herald" is totally unnecessary. Speaking of Juggs, he's barely in the issue. That whole little Colossus/Magik subplot should've been left to New Mutants. It was a total waste of space.    
The flaring anti-mutant sentiment seems more appropriate an issue to explore with relationship to the X-Men than an attack by the Juggernaut. It'd make much more sense for Juggs to tear apart the raft and nearby areas than to trek cross country to San Francisco to attack Utopia.  
The conversation between Cyclops and Major Sadie had so much potential, especially considering how well Gillen has written both in the past. However, that potential's wasted and the conversation really goes nowhere...a rather fitting representation of this entire issue.  
The Verdict 
This issue's a prime example of the needless event tie in. I'm not reading Fear Itself, but I got no sense that anything of vital import happened in this issue that will have far reaching consequences. Maybe next issue will turn things around and drastically so, but this is one issue I can't recommend. If I wasn't such an completest I'd trade it in for store credit...or a cookie...use it as kindling. Seriously, I really hope this next issue's the end of any ties to Fear Itself in Uncanny. 

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Posted by Osiris1428

His helmet makes him look spider-like.

Posted by JonesDeini
I had never noticed that actually.

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